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The Clever Steps For Turning Qualified Leads Into Sales

by | Jan 31, 2023

Ruler Analytics claims that 91% of a marketing company’s top priority is lead generation. Unfortunately, getting qualified leads that turn into sales is often difficult. This is where Sunrise Design Group stands out!


Sunrise Design Group provides quality and evaluates every lead we obtain on your behalf. We use proprietary and innovative digital growth strategies that allow you to convert leads into sales quickly and easily.


We know that emails and cold calls can be effective, but they are frequently time-consuming and unpleasant for both the receiver and the agent. They are also sometimes ineffective in grabbing the client’s attention. Instead, Sunrise Design Group finds high-quality leads, vets them, and gets to know them before your sales team contacts them. This will increase the likelihood that you’ll close the deal.

Our sales process identifies the specific complexities that potential customers confront and persuasively outlines a service or product to address those issues. The sales method begins with generating excellent leads, only then does your sales team invest more time presenting to potential customers. Sunrise Design Group provides our clients with a continuous source of prospective leads, allowing you to spend fewer resources on lead creation and more effort pitching to them.


The Process of Turning Qualified Leads Into Sales

Our approach is easy to understand. The process can be divided into four significant steps:

  • Identify
  • Expand
  • Engage
  • Nurture, and Convert

Let’s take a closer look at all of them:


Step 1: Identify And Outline Your Target Clients

Before even identifying potential leads, two questions arise:

  1. How do you determine who your prospective client is?
  2. How can you guarantee that your solution will help them with their problem?

Sunrise Design Group’s secret is to pinpoint businesses with the most excellent chance of becoming your clients and concentrate on high-value prospects. We continue onto another prospect if one does not suit your ideal profile.


Step 2: Expand Connections Within The Target Industries

Once you’ve determined your ideal clients, you must find and connect with each lead’s decision-makers. We will identify who you need to influence and engage with. We target those people that have the final decision-making ability. For example, decision-makers in senior management may be among these people we locate for you.

Sunrise Design Group’s agents continue to make sales easy by making sure that they expand connections to your target industries.


Step 3: Engage In Conversation Across Multiple Platforms

This is likely the most important phase for lead generation and sales strategy; however, there are some adjustments you can make to improve your results.

Choosing the platforms your top leads use most frequently and then customizing your contact and interactions depending on their usage is a successful multi-channel sales tactic.

Although it is nearly impossible to determine how frequently potential clients utilize these platforms, Sunrise Design Group’s agents gather this information smoothly. As a result, you are presented with the best-qualified leads for your business.

We help you begin interacting on the following platforms to make sales:

  1. Email – Sunrise Design Group’s agents send out timely, targeted emails to develop and warm up potential leads. They compose email campaigns for the candidate’s various touch points, from initial contact to focused send-outs.
  2. Phone Calls – Our agents use 1:1 phone marketing to cultivate, verify, and schedule sales meetings with prospects. Phone-based interactions improve performance by generating results quickly and providing volume leads.
  3. Social Media – Views, connections, actions, and impressions are the leading social media components to concentrate on. Sunrise Design Group’s agents use social media to strengthen the connections formed in other avenues and increase the web presence of your campaign.
  4. Web – Our agents also use landing pages that generate leads to increase your sales meetings and ultimately lead to conversions. The landing pages act as the marketing campaign’s central location where potential clients may find further details about your proposal, download materials, and learn more about you.


Step 4: Convert Leads By Nurturing Prospects

Now is the opportunity to produce specialized advertising that appeals to your targeted clients after you’ve identified and researched them.

Sunrise Design group’s agents tailor your message to each important lead’s needs, preferences, and services. Ideally, your pitch should have a distinct business model that will persuade each potential customer to purchase.

When crafting your business’s marketing message, we keep the following in mind:

  • Recognize each important client’s core values and meet them there.
  • Create a convincing argument that supports your perspective. It conveys that you are an expert in your field and, eventually, provides them with relief from their problems.
  • By demonstrating that your solutions function with instances from everyday life, you may further support your argument.

Our agents also evaluate the effectiveness of your business’s sale strategy. Tracking client interaction, and evaluating prospects that have been generated, along with the transactions you’ve concluded and their profitability, are all part of evaluating the success. Sunrise Design Group continues to assess your results so you can, if necessary, alter your strategy according to your current data.


You no longer have to waste time with unqualified leads. Instead, use Sunrise Design Group’s strategy to streamline your sales cycle and turn qualified leads into prospective clients.

Does your business require exclusive leads? If so, we would be thrilled for you to join Sunrise Design Group and see the amazing results we provide for you! Contact Sunrise Design Group if you are ready to scale your sales.

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