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5 Fantastic Benefits Of Scheduling Your Appointments With The Booked 24/7 Process

by | Nov 30, 2022

Sunrise’s Booked 24/7 process helps boost your sales and increase your conversion rate. 

Does your sales team spend time on customers who never buy? Sunrise Design Group can eliminate that wasted time.

Appointment scheduling may seem like a straightforward task that business owners shouldn’t worry about. But unqualified appointments can be annoying, unproductive, and cause monetary losses. When customers first contact you for more information, sales teams must ensure that the customer is ready to buy and has the means to purchase the services. If not, your sales team wastes their precious time. The Booked 24/7 Process qualifies buyers during that first contact and ensures that before a salesperson connects with a potential customer, they are ready to buy.

The Booked 24/7 Process not only qualifies your leads, but our leads are exclusive to you, so we book them directly into your sales teams’ calendars. When your sales team attends the meeting, they know that no one else is calling the buyer, and the buyer is ready to purchase. Using our sales-enhancing solution, you can optimize your sales process and complete more sales faster.

What Are The Common Concerns Of A Sales Team?

  • The sales system is complicated and unstructured.
  • Time is wasted on leads that aren’t eligible or ready to buy.
  • Due to a prolonged sales process, there is a high customer acquisition cost.

Our Solutions To These Problems

  • Our agents use a structured survey to guarantee your leads are fully prepared for conversion.
  • Once leads are prepared to purchase before appointments are set.
  • Every lead is exclusive to your company.
  • A quicker, more robust sales cycle leads to a lower customer acquisition cost.

Are you Ready To Be Booked 24/7 With Appointments That Close?

Your business’s online presence will be improved by our Booked 24/7 procedure, which will fill your schedule with appointments that can be converted with a single call. In addition, the time savings means more sales and more profits!

1.      Exclusive Training

All of our agents receive brand-specific training. We say knowledge is power. Our agents have all the knowledge they need about your company because they only work for you. They know specific details about your products and services and can answer the most frequently asked questions. Our agents then screen the callers to determine whether they are ready to buy or are just gathering information. When the agent is certain the customer is a warm or hot lead, they schedule an appointment with your sales teams.

2.      Customized Marketing Solutions

We advertise your company utilizing the most effective and high-tech strategies and ad campaigns. It’s safe to say that the more compelling and targeted your paid ads are, the more clicks they produce, which makes the likelihood that they will bring in new clients higher. With our Booked 24/7 Process, we employ the best practices to help run your ad campaigns.  

3.      Inbound Calls

Booked 24/7 is a  seamless booking process that enhances your business operations. Our agents handle all your incoming calls from a quiet professional office. Providing exceptional customer service is the fundamental goal of Sunrise Design Group’s superbly trained agents. 

4.      Use Survey For Exclusive Leads

Before sending you leads, our representatives thoroughly qualify them using a unique survey. We’re essentially your sales representatives and thoroughly vet every lead before sending it to you. As a result, you spend time converting sales opportunities rather than wasting it on cold leads. 

5.      Schedule Appointments

Once the appointment is set, your sales team can take it from there. They know the lead has only been referred to your company and is ready to buy. You and your sales teams can concentrate on selling and completing the transactions while Sunrise Design Group focuses on bringing you quality and exclusive leads.

These reasons will surely make you agree that the Booked 24/7 Process benefits your company! So, let us show you how easy it is to start! 

Some services are available to you straight through our online store. For additional details about the Booked 24-7 Process, contact Sunrise Design Group.



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